Bad Affiliations

An unfortunate setback this week. One ongoing project that has taken up a fair amount of time has been making connections with potential affiliate companies, that I can advertise for. I only chose those businesses that have some kind of association with my own products and themes. I found a couple, but it has been difficult because until you have enough readership, many will not bother to forge a relationship with you. In my search, I eventually found a specialist affiliation company. I will not name names, but it is a large company that has all different types of businesses as clients. This seemed a perfect solution, so I signed up and began requesting to become a publisher for some wine delivery businesses, a book store, and an e-book store, and a couple of others. Although and The Wineville Review are still tiny and unknown, it seemed like I was making some progress with creating ad links for these affiliates. Unfortunately, I have been ousted from association with the affiliate program. Sort of like being fired. The loss, though not a monetary one as I have not yet gathered any momentum with the affiliate program, is still a blow because of wasted time and foiled plans. The letter was vague on why I was no longer a viable option for them, and my questions were replied to with another form letter repeating the same information as the first. It could be that they just did not see any potential in my business plan, but I believe it has more to do with my peculiar style and stubbornness to comply with certain norms of the online advertising world. To elaborate; I have a hatred for pop-up ads. I get irritated when reading an article on my phone or computer, then having the article split in two and shuffled around to make room for an advertisement, and I lose my place and have to search for it, while a movie about a new truck, or whatever, is forced into my brain. It’s annoying. I certainly do not wish to build a site that has these ‘in your face’ flashing and moving advertisements embedded within it. So, I chose to make my own ads. I used the logos for the companies that they were linked to but made passive advertisements that were sized and positioned by my own wont. I believe that this is the great transgression that lead to my fall from favor. It is unfortunate, but my stubborn will is not going to allow me to cave in to the pressures of allowing the advertisements to dictate the structure of the pages. The particular style of spatial realism that I am attempting to construct is not conducive to these pop-up ads, which are disruptive to the reader and an eye-sore on the created space. I will carry on without the affiliate programs and search for relationships with companies that I can work with, in my style and vision. If you are aware of a company that is involved with wine, books, or something creative, that would be interested in posting an ad in a ‘newspaper’ or having a site-link creatively embedded into a drawing that is part of an overall picture, please let me know at

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