Completion of The Wine Service article

I am doing a lot of things at one time. Learning new programs and skills, freelance work to keep an income, and building and maintaining a website that will one day be worth a damn. As I complete various tasks and reach particular goals, it is imperative that I take a moment to acknowledge accomplishments. The Wine Service article is one of those tasks that was a vision from the very beginning of launching the site and is indicative of the type of service that I wish to provide to those seeking to improve their knowledge and skills regarding wine. It has now officially been released in six parts as For The Vin wine blog posts. I will now amalgamate the posts into a single booklet which will be available for reading or download at:

If you are new to wine service, could use some pointers, or are a diner who wants to impress their date with suave wine ordering, read this article to provide guidance in the protocols of wine service.