An update on the continuing building of an educational and e-commerce site.

One of my recent posts highlighted the fact that I am itching to re-make the homepage, as well as several other key pages of the site. I have begun re-drawing The Village, to continue with the concept of housing several shops in one ‘location’, but am having difficulty finding the time to complete the project because I have also begun work on the actual ‘brick & mortar’ business. That is, I am putting up walls, finishing windows, and repairing the ceiling in what will become my office and studio. This is pretty exciting but is one more time-consuming project which makes it difficult to complete some of the ongoing ones. I will continue putting out The Saturday Edition Wineville Review, and will add to my drawings and complete pages as I find time. The eventual goal of the office/studio will be desk space for the graphic arts and writing, all the paints and easel handily located for painting, and a pottery wheel for my other creative passion. I’m sure my guitar will end up in the studio as well.

Having this new work and creative space will be beneficial in the long term, and I am excited to get in there and off of my dining room table. I am finishing some ceiling patchwork today.

Drywall mudding and taping is a messy and fiddly business, but it is all for a good cause. Wish me luck!

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