Gotta Get Mobile

I have some work to do. The more pages I build and content I release, the more I realize that not having a mobile friendly site is just damaging. Now, I already knew this going in. It was my belief, however, that I could create a site that was mobile friendly without using the mobile site features. The reason why I wanted it to be this way, was to maintain the integrity of pages that are built out of links. I have made several of these link-picture pages, and I like making them as well as the final product. I believe in the concept, and still think I can make it work. The problem is that the sizing does not change to fit properly on mobile phones unless I turn on the mobile site feature. If I turn on the mobile site feature, the picture is broken down into its parts, with each section displayed below the last one, and the overall picture no longer exists. Since I intend to continue with at least some pages being built in this way, I will have to make separate pages for the mobile versions. It means double the work, and I have much still to do on the first version. The ongoing struggle of the overly stubborn autodidact. Once I have my new home page finished, I will begin preparation for launching the mobile site. Then the articles will be easier to read off of phones, and though I will have to do a lot of extra work, I believe it will be worth it in the long term.