Homage to the homepage

The focus of my work this week has been an upgraded, more useful and user friendly homepage for tasteinwine.net. I am forging ahead with the concept of the virtual village of Wineville as the starting point for exploring all the offerings of the website, and with the idea of using links in place of menus to make it unique and interactive, but attempting to prettify the page, re-size and re-fit the contents and better highlight the links. This version, which is still very much a work in progress and not likely to be ready for publishing for a couple of weeks, will be created entirely from drawings and not photos. In it, each building will be a separate picture and a clickable link to what the building represents and encompasses. For example, clicking anywhere on the bookshop will bring you into the interior of the bookshop, where you can then browse the books and articles. This is how the present homepage works, but is not at all obvious that it does. Creating a page that works entirely on drawn links is a time consuming and laborious endeavor, but I hope the final outcome will be worth the extra effort. The current homepage was the first web page that I made completely from scratch without menus or floating boxes, and I learned a lot about what not to do, in regards to spacing, sizing and interaction, so I hope the lessons learned will show through in this next version of it. After the completion of the Village, I will be systematically going through each page and reconstructing them as required, beginning with the Crystal shop, which will be changing to a wine-wares store. All of these projects are helping me to develop my graphic arts skills and web building skills, and I do not regret my first attempt shortfalls, despite the sometimes overwhelming feeling of failure. I invite you to follow along with the progress of the site-building and skills development, by subscribing to the ‘Writer’s Blog’ blog, or the Wineville Review, Saturday Edition.

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