Learn by doing

This week has been an adventure in yet another new-to-me program. I have dabbled before, but am now using Adobe Illustrator for a new work venture. I have been a proponent of Affinity Designer for the same uses since I discovered it about a year ago. I am still a big fan and use it for most of my creating, drawing, and design-stuff. This week I began work on a new project that requires Illustrator, for some reason, for eps file saving. The Affinity saved files just can not be opened by the printer. It was a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor that came to an unsolvable conclusion. Having taught myself the ins, outs, and quirks of Designer, and the other Affinity Suite programs, over the last year, has been a rewarding and useful lesson to be sure. It is such a shame that I can not put these skills to use in the new project that I have been commissioned for.

The switch to Illustrator has been interesting, and a bit of a mind f*&#, as the concepts and uses are the same, but the functions and tools are all a little bit different. It is always good to learn new skills, and if you follow this blog, you know that I endorse self-teaching above almost anything. The mental rewards far outweigh the difficulties and frustrations of learning by doing, and in the modern world, all information is available to anyone at any time. I understand the draw to school, but even if you go to one you should still continue learning on your own, for as long as you are able.

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