Onwards and Upwards or Humble Beginnings

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Dear friends and wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Today I am proud to launch my tasting guide and journal as well as this website, tasteinwine.net. I know that not all of the components will be working exactly as I want them to, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

I have been working diligently to learn graphic design and website creation and management over the summer, so this marks a momentous day for me as the drawings and plans that I scribbled down over the past few years begin to bear fruit in the form of products and webpages, as well as the tasting journal.

I am planning some regular blog posts in future and will eventually have wine reviews by me as well, when I figure out how, as a place for others to post theirs. For more information see above where it says "you gotta start somewhere".

The book and website will hopefully promote wine tasting and wine clubs as a hobby, as well as create a forum for discussion and education on tasting and wine in general. I would love to see a new generation of wine enthusiasts who have enough knowledge and ability to rate wine with detailed reasoning and write reviews that professional wine critics can appreciate. The Taste in Wine wine tasting guide & journal is designed with this goal in mind. I believe it to be a useful tool in the quest for becoming a proficient wine taster as well as for documenting wines for comparison across time.

In the short term, I will be plugging away at tightening the details and workings of this website, the e-commerce store and the associated Facebook page. Until I get it all exactly as it should be, please bear with me. If you run into any road blocks while attempting to view anything or order a product, please email directly at tasteinwine@gmail.com .

Thank you for reading my first Taste in Wine blog post.

Cheers friends,


Adam Rosewarne

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