Space(ing); The Final Frontier

This column is meant to be an outlet for discussing the challenges, not just of writing, but to an even higher degree of those in the field of design. The name ‘writer’s blog’ is just a fun quip on ‘writer’s block’ and a reference to all the parts of writing and creating web content and pages. Graphic design and website design are the skills I am most seeking to improve upon. Creating artistic scenes through the use of a combination of drawing tools and photo composition, mostly with the Affinity suite programs, is a major part of my long-term plan for transitioning into an online career. If you browse through the various pages of my website,, you will likely notice that there there are some successfully created pictures that display realistic perspective and texture and lighting, and then there are those which do not. These, so far failings, are a part of the learning curve and skill development that I am working through. I know that I learn best from attempting, then adjusting and re-doing, and I will of course be re-addressing the less successful pictures and scenes, as I build and shape the site. One of the key elements of web-page design, I have learned, is the relative size of the back

ground to the foreground pictures. Inserting the pictures, links and objects into this interplay of the fore- and backgrounds, with the optimal spacing and sizing can be a challenge. There are a lot of bits of info on the preferred sizes of pictures and photos for each use within a new web page, found in various forums on the web, but the interaction of the background to the foreground and all the spacing of the various working components on the site, is a skill that must be honed through practice and trial. My initial attempts have often fallen short of the vision that I had in creating them, and once again, I chalk this up to a part of the educational process, and try not to scold myself for shortfalls or succumb to the feeling of defeat. I have created a new template that should help with manifesting the vision of each completed page, and I will be addressing each picture, page, and scene in turn. As these design elements begin to take shape, I can then begin to add some of the missing pieces that I envision this site housing; namely the I-wineDesign, which I will broach in a future Writer’s Blog, the custom wine tracker books, as well as member wine review posting. I would also like to return to the animated videos that I began making and have set aside as too time-consuming, until I am content with the site structure. It has certainly been interesting to try to figure out how to make it all work, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I hope you will follow my progress on this blog. Let me know if you have any advice, or care for any elaboration on any challenges that I am working through. Or, if you are in a similar stage of learning the ropes and would like to discuss some element that I appear to have already completed, and can assist you with, email me at:

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