The Cost of Doing Business

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hello friends and fellow winers.

I have been working through the various bugs and blips, through the last couple of days, attempting to make websites and dropshipping sites and social media accounts, etc. function and flow. Some of it has gone swimmingly and other parts not so well. Particularly annoying has been the currency and shipping prices, but enough bellyaching. What I really want to relay is the reasoning behind the costing of the Taste in Wine books and what I am doing to address it. Firstly, I did not want the book to be too expensive or seem overpriced for what it is. The issue is that in order to have worldwide exposure, one simply has to be on Amazon. Selling through Amazon, however, requires the payment of distribution fees on every order. These fees are higher than the cost of actually printing the book. So when setting the price, which will then be standard across all platforms, you have to include this distribution cost into the price. Thus, no matter which platform you search on, the price for the Wine Tasting Guide & Journal will always be the same. The one exception to this rule is ordering directly from the website. The reason for this is that I, as the creator, can order copies for myself at a rate that bypasses the distribution, and thus the attributed costs. To make the price reflect what I want it to be, and not what I am forced to charge for exposure through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even the websites, I have created a backdoor order button on that is a much friendlier price. This will be available to anyone who has the link,

which I am now sharing with you. So, if you would like a copy of the Taste in Wine wine tasting guide & journal for yourself or for a friend, please feel free you use the link and save some moolah.

In the future, I have plans to write more educational and interesting blog posts, but for now, it is about the setup and the frustrations of confusors, aka computers, and the struggle of defeating them in the war of attrition that is e-commerce. Now I must return to the battle and make the dang shipping costs make sense. If only the page would load instead of showing the endless spinning wheel. Thank you for reading,


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