The Importance of Being Earner

I am having some difficulty with finishing projects. I have so many plans and ideas, with many of the pieces created in a first draft, but not yet working or polished. My website has many pages that were working, only to come undone shortly thereafter, and finding the time to address all of these bits, plus create an upgraded version of most of the pages, is a juggling act. Of course, I also need to earn, and picking up various jobs takes a large portion of the available work hours. I am still plugging away at the new Wineville homepage, which is full of minute details and built of pictures that will become links to all the components of the site. Following that will be the new wine wares shops, which will be divided into several different stores. Then there is a secret art project that will take about a year to complete, once it has even been begun. All of this is a part of the further education that I am attempting to impart to myself through doing/trial and error. Most education programs in the field of graphic art are two or three years of study. I have completed one full year of working towards obtaining the skill set without form or aid. It can be overwhelming to acknowledge the scope of understanding of the programs and the skills required for mastery of the field. I can only take it day by day, and look ever forward.

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