Update and upcoming.

Hello friends.

I have not posted much on either my 'Writer's Blog', nor 'For The Vin' blog, in quite some time. The reason for this is that I am busily building a new version of the entire website. The overhaul, which I will launch in about three weeks' time, so early February, will include a complete makeover with a new look, concept, and all new pages. I have been designing, drawing, and photographing steadily for the past seven or so weeks, building up the material required for instituting the immense changes that will transpire at that time. I will not spoil the surprise of the new site, but it will be much more interactive and interesting than the initial tasteinwine.net. I do not know if anyone is reading these posts, or even give a flying flock what I am up to, but just so you know I have not given up creating or writing, but am working behind the scenes and will continue with the articles, videos, and general wine education, once the new foundation to house it all, is complete.

Thank you for reading this message. Stay tuned for bigger and better things.


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