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Firstly, the reason why I am writing this blog is to keep you apprised of what is happening with the website, new stuff, how it is all going, that sort of thing. If you are reading this on your phone, hopefully you have realized that it works better when turned horizontally, as with everything that I have created on the website. All the pages and pictures are designed in a landscape format, which runs counter to the standards of modern website production, because they do not translate to a mobile friendly setup, unless of course you rotate the phone. I did it this way, fully cognizant of the challenges that it would present, simply because I prefer the look and want this site to be original, weird, quirky, and in my own style.

Another oddity you may notice while browsing the site, is that I have removed all menus. Once again, this may seem ill-advised to a website designer, but I am attempting to create a site with a degree of spatial realism. That is, one which has dimensions and spaces, places and rooms, etc. The navigation system I have implemented instead of menus is one built entirely of links. Some of the objects, signs and words are clearly a link to something, while others may be less obvious. The objective of this elaborate web of interconnected links is to expand the interactivity of navigation and escape the mindlessness of the typical web browsing session. If you enjoy the world of wine, I hope you will enjoy the interactive platform that I am creating to highlight areas of it.

A final note on this blog, website and virtual newspaper, is that I am trying to avoid all the popup advertising that so many sites are riddled with. I am, once again, attempting to use links in place of blatant, in your face, blocks of advertising. This is another of those 'WTF are you doing?' notions that I am hoping to prove as viable. I am seeking more affiliate companies to create links to, and only want to advertise products or services that are relevant to the theme of the this site, as well as conscionably worthy of being highlighted.

Being a newbie to website design and creation, as well as stubbornly autodidactic, means that I will be experimenting with concepts and ideas and in all likelihood failing several times in the effort. I acknowledge these as acceptable losses and part of the learning curve. In fact, I have already identified many mistakes in the website that will require a new approach, and much more work. I will be be posting about these foibles and failings in this blog, in case you want to follow along and watch the building and learning process as it transpires.

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