The guide and journal for all wine drinkers.

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This book is designed to help you improve your wine tasting ability. If you are a newcomer to the wine world, Taste in Wine will teach you how to pick out the nuances of aroma and flavour and strengthen your ability to discuss the bouquet, the tannic structure and all the other 'cork dork' expressions used to describe the noble juice. For the more experienced winer, here-in lies the means to keep a record of favorite vintages, write detailed reviews for blogs or publications and rate wines like a professional critic. If you are planning a tasting event or wine club, this is a tool to keep attendees on the same page and create a standard for proliferating discussions and debates on the quality, flavour profiles and the likes and loves of all the wines you will experience with the group. Going on a wine tour or visiting a wine region?  Keep notes and opinions on all the wines you sample for future writing and rating and preserve the memory of each delicious drop.

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